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Our Vitamin A+ Corrective Serum not only reverses the signs of aging but it aslo improves acne and BLACKHEADS. Vitamin A+ contains retinol proprionate, a more bioactive form of Vitamin A that is gentle with a longer half life. This combination makes it more effective with less irritation on the skin. This serum helps to brighten hyperpimentation, increase hyaluronic acid, stimulate collagen production and reduce acne and blackheads.


Add Vitamin+ into your skincare routine SLOWLY. For congested or acne prone skin we recommend mixing a pea size amount of Vitamin A+ with a dime size amount of Benzoyl Peroxide and applying it 1-2 nights a week. For all other skin types apply only 1-2 nights a week mixed with Copper + Peptides Moisturizer. Gradually increase to using it every night and eventually discontinue mixing depending on your skin tolerance. 


*Purging can happen! With active ingrendients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C purging can happen. This is why we recommend mixing Vitamin A+ with Benzoyl Peroxide. After purging is done and your skin has acclimated to Vitamin A+ try using Vitamin A+ every other night and Benzoyl Peroxide on the alternate nights. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to get the best results from you routine.


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